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Turku April 12–24, 2012

Opening Hours

Main Library:

  • Children's and Youth Departments are closed
  • other departments have normal opening hours

Other Library Units:

  • Monitori: normal opening hours
  • Ilpoinen, Nummi, Runosmäki, Varissuo:
    Mon, Tue 14:00–18:00
    Wed, Thu and Fri 10–14
  • other district libraries are closed

Available Services:

  • newspapers and magazines (reading only), customer computers, wireless net, photocopier, exhibitions
  • library collections as a reference library

April 25 – May 1, 2012

All libraries are closed and mobile libraries out of service. 

Opening hours and services (pdf)

Prepare in Advance for the Break in Lending Services!

Extended Loan Periods During System Renewal In Vaski Libraries 

As of the the beginning of May 2012, the Vaski Library Network will expand from the present 9 municipal libraries to a network area comprising 17 municipalities and 44 libraries in all. At the same time, the library system will be renewed. Due to the renewal, the library system and lending services will be out of use from April 12 through May 1. 

While the system i sbeing updated, lending, returning, renewal of loans, reserving and information retrieval will be out of use both in the libraries and on the Web Library. However, most libraries have either normal or reduced opening hours during the renewal period. It is possible to read, use the Internet and visit exhibitions in the libraries. All libraries are closed from April 25 through May 1.

Due Dates Pushed Back

Loan periods have been extended for the period during which the system is out of use. In Turku, the extended loan period is valid April 6 - May 7, ensuring that customers need not to worry about returning their loans during the system break. No overdue fines will accumulate in Turku libraries during the period April 12 - May 7.

However, it is important to make sure that your existing loans are renewed before the break in library services. Reserved material should be collected by April 11.

You can also prepare by borrowing a decent pile as long as you can!

New System Running May 2   

After the renewal, it will be possible to use one library card within the entire network area. You can order material and collect it at any library, regardless of which library's collections it comes from. You can also return material at any of the 44 libraries within the area.

The new joint Web Library will be opened May 3 at

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