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Online Help


The information on the City of Turku's web service is divided into information sections that can be found from the structure navigation column on the left side of the page. Visitors do not need to know which bureau of the City produces the service he/she is looking for.

You can follow your location in the web service from the so-called bread crumb trail in the upper horizontal bar of the pages.

You can get back to the main page by clicking either the first link in the bread crumb trail or by clicking the Turku logo in the upper left corner.

The main rule is that all the pages in the City's web service open to the same browser window. If a link is produced by some other producer than the City, it will be opened into a new browser window. Also pdf-files and other attachments will open in their own browser windows.


In the middle of the main page there are 2-3 headline news items, which usually include a small image. A "Current events" listing can be found from behind the headline news, which has a listing of other news in chronological order. The blue "Current Events" words also work as link to a listing of all current news headlines.

Topical material can be subscribed via an RSS feed (RSS feed, Really Simple Syndication/Rich Site Summary). To start using an RSS feed you need an RSS reader programme which can be downloaded from the Internet.

Right column

The right column of the page includes for example the alphabetical service directory of the City of Turku. The service directory is a convenient way to find different services and contact addresses for their producers.


The search engine is in the upper right corner of the page. The search returns results from this web service and from for example agendas and protocolls. You can also search for the City's employees and elected officials' contact information. Please note that contact information for all of the City's employees are not published on the Internet.

Language and language versions

The City's web service will be published in three languages, from which the Finnish version will be the most extensive. The Swedish version will have all the necessary information that is required by law. The English version will be a compilation of sections that will aim to serve immigrants and tourists.

You can change the language version of the web service by clicking the language link in the bottom of the page, if there is a different language version of the page you are on.

Instructions for being able to hear the reading aloud

You can find the tool bar in the upper right corner of each page. The instructions will appear when you click the Instructions-button (question mark).


You can find a link to the web service's sitemap from the bottom of the page. By clicking the plus-symbol you can open the structure level in question, and by clicking the level you will jump to it.


There is a separate section for the media, where you can find the City's latest news, reports, announcements and press invitations. The media link can be found from the bottom of the page.


You can send feedback about the City's services and webpages by clicking the "Feedback and Contact" link at the bottom of the page. You can also find forms for electronical communication and Inhabitant's Initiative from the same section.

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